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counselling | counsellor
Dr. Philippa East
BA (Hons), DClinPsy, CPsychol
Chartered Psychologist & Therapist
It's important to take care of our psychological health, just as we do our physical health. Sometimes, we need some additional help to manage our psychological well-being. Psychological therapy can help address many common (and more complex) psychological difficulties, including stress, depression, anxiety, and trauma. Psychological approaches can help us break negative patterns, find healthy ways to cope, and feel and function better. Therapy can also help us gain a richer and deeper understanding of ourselves and how to reach our full potential. For details of the sorts of psychological problems I treat, please see ​ here.
Psychological therapy involves meeting regularly (usually weekly) for about an hour each time, over a series of sessions. At the initial appointment, I will want to get to know you, your history, your difficulties and strengths, and your expectations. This gives us a chance to check whether now is the right time for therapy, and whether I am the right person to help you. If not, there is no obligation to continue and I may be able to refer you to someone more appropriate. If you do decide to continue sessions, this initial assessment will guide our agreed treatment plan.
In therapy, I draw on a range of psychological models to address your individual needs.  All the therapies I use are proven to be clinically effective and have a sound evidence base. You can find more information on the different therapies I offer  here .  My depth and breadth of training as a Clinical Psychologist means I draw on a wide knowledge-base and I'm able to integrate many specialist techniques and approaches. This means sessions tend to be focused and proactive, allowing you to make quick and effective progress.
At all times during therapy, you can expect to be treated with respect and compassion by your therapist, and made to feel safe and comfortable in the therapy environment. Therapy is a private and confidential space, and it is up to you whom you tell about your attendence and treatment. The only exception to this  is if there is risk of harm to you or someone else; this will be more fully explained to you at assessment. 
The length of a course of therapy varies, but I will try to give you an indication at the beginning of the likely duration. Some clients may just require a one-off meeting, while others may benefit from a series of appointments. I follow a strict code of ethics, which means I will only offer sessions if they are beneficial to you and offer the minimum required to achieve your therapy goals. 
Individuals may wish simply to gain clarity on their presenting problems through a psychological assessment. Such an assessment can provide an individual psychological formulation, help establish a diagnosis, and / or inform recommendations for treatment. For an assessment, I offer a 90 minute appointment (which can be split over 2 sessions); standardised questionnaires may also be used to gather information.  A written report can be provided, if required. 

Please note that I am not able to offer medico-legal reports. 
I can offer supervision to other psychologists or therapists in independent practice. Please contact me directly to discuss your individual requirements.
Training and Consultation
I have previously taught on the Institute of Psychiatry's doctoral training programme and can offer training and teaching on a range of psychology-related topics. I can also offer consultation to individuals, teams and organisations. Please contact me directly to discuss your requirements, and for more information on my specialisms and areas of interest, please see here